Gobble, Gobble.

25 11 2007

Well, I wasn’t going to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. It’s not a holiday here in Norway, (of course), and it just seemed a bit pointless. I was ok with that, until Thanksgiving day actually, and then, as is typical of me, I got ants in my pants to celebrate Thanksgiving. It suddenly seemed horribly wrong not to. So, I sent my hubby on a search for a turkey and started planning my menu. I decided to go easy, so nothing too elaborate. I have TONS of pictures of many different dishes and stuff I made, but I just decided to post my two favorite things from this year.
First, I made a REAL pumpkin pie. And by real, I mean REAL:

Isn’t that orange color unbelievable?? So, I boiled said pumpkin and mashed it up like so:

And ond hour later, I had this little beauty:

I couldn’t believe how orange it was! It was so delicious as well!
The pumpkin pie was actually somewhat healthy as well. Cut out all white sugar, used 1/2 cup of brown sugar and 1 cup of Splenda. Delish.

My next favorite was to die for. I could have had JUST these and been perfectly content:

I let those suckers rise THREE times! Made them with spelt flour. They were so good. Piping hot from the oven, with some organic butter…oh my:

So, that is that. My two favorite things from Thanksgiving this year. Now we have about 2 kilos of turkey meat and I made about 2 gallons of broth out of the poor little turkey carcass.

It was a quiet evening, only 4 of us, but it was important to me. When you are so far from home, you sometimes get a feeling of losing touch with who you are, you forget the little magical things that define you in relation to your homeland.

All I know is that thousands of miles away, that turkey, the dressing, the greenbean casserole, the gravy and the dinner rolls, those pumpkin and pecan pies, made me feel, at least for one night, that my kitchen, could be any kitchen in America. And for that, I am thankful.




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26 11 2007

oh my gosh! I am SO hungry right now. It’s dinner time and I didn’t eat and you’re killin’ me with such delicious pictures. You seem to be quite the baker and chef! Shoot-next year I’m coming to Norway for Thanksgiving ala Kathryn!

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