New Kids on the Block

28 04 2008

Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if this was an entry about these guys:

Anyone else remember ‘Hangin’ Tough’?? Look at them!! Those 5 guys were responsible for breaking the hearts of thousands of girls (and I am sure some boys) worldwide!! That group of hotties right there sold more than 80 MILLION records world wide.

Shocking isn’t it?


Alas, the new kids to which I refer are none other than these beauties:




Last time I posted a gardening update all I had was tomatoes and bell peppers, or at least that is what I thought it was, as I had neglected to label them! About a week later, something else started coming up. I could tell by the developing leaves that I had tomatoes and bell peppers and the next thing to come up was either the jalepenos or the tomatillos. Another week passed and I still had nothing in 5 of the spaces. So, I decided to take drastic measures. I dug up the seeds to see what they were.


Of course! What are tomatillos even doing in Norway in the first place?? So, I took the remaining tomatillo seeds that I had, and I planted them. Maybe the dark laundry room wasn’t ideal for the little south of the border green tomatoes?
They now all live in a south facing window sill and get lots of sunlight. They drink a lot of water and just this week 2 tiny tomatillo plants emerged from the soil!!

I am cautiously optimistic.

So, here is the whole gang as of 8pm Norway time:

I have about 25 tomato plants, about 15 bell pepper plants, 10 jalepeno plants and 2 tomatillo plants, with about 4 others i can see trying to break through. I have to transplant the tomatoes and bell peppers soon to ‘big boy’ pots for them to live in and grow until they are transferred yet again to their outdoor pots sometime in late May.

Also in my menagerie, there are 3 pots of basil, and outside I have 4 pots of baby leaf spinach, 3 pots of ruccola and 2 pots of chives. The chives are not growing, but the spinach and ruccola are starting to sprout.

Next week I am planting peas, beans, carrots and lettuce!!!

I am a planting FOOL!!!!

This always happens with me.

It’s what they call ‘getting carried away’.

But I can’t help it. I LOVE the fact that I am nurturing something and growing things! The fact that I may get to EAT something from these very laundry room plants, hasn’t even sunk in yet! When that day happens, I will be bouncing off the walls, high as a kite, footloose and fancy free!! And any other cliche sayings you can think of!!!

So, that is the update on my very first Norwegian garden!!

Grow little ones, grow!!!!!!




One response

28 04 2008

NKOTB is getting back together. FYI! My wife is so excited!

WE must plant another garden. I miss watering and nourishing and just watching the growth! I am cheering from California!


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