My daily breakfast obsession

27 04 2009

My breakfasts of late have become rather monotonous really due to the fact that I am obsessed with grilled cheese. I had my breakfast taco phase, but that was paltry in comparison, only lasting 1 week. My grilled cheese kick has been going on for well over a month now and is showing no signs of slowing. Every single morning in the beautiful diabetic house, there is a grilled cheese sandwich to be had:

grilled-cheeseI have perfected the art of the grilled cheese. I use a good bread and REAL butter, yet for some sick reason, I remain partial to the Kraft singles. I have some fabulous white cheddar and a great aged Gouda, but the fake orangey, yellow cheese wins out every time. I sometimes sing the Velveeta song when I made the sandwich even though I don’t have any velveeta here. It’s weird.

So, the grilled cheese is a given. The other parts of my breakfast are open for discussion, but 99.9 percent of the time it’s either a scrambled egg OR fruit and yogurt. Lately the the fruit and yogurt has been winning out. Today, it was Turkish yogurt and blackberries and strawberries:

berries-and-yogurtNow for the disclaimer. I want to take this opportunity to warn those of you who have never had Greek or Turkish yogurt. Once you have it, you will forever resent the fat free, chemically enhanced crap that we are force fed by the skinny mafia day in and day out. Sure Dannon and Yoplait have their place, but that place is just miles away from what I am telling you about here today. When you have Greek or Turkish yogurt, you will know, instantly, that you have been missing out on something all these years. It is thick. It is creamy. It is rich. It is NOT fat free. It fits great into my low carb diet, as it is pretty low carb. (I believe FAGE makes a low fat Greek yogurt that is fairly decent.) The yogurt I buy comes plain. I sweeten it with a little Splenda and sometimes use some vanilla extract to give it some pizazz. This is decadence, but in a good and healthy way. Your body will love you for eating it, unless of course you are lactose intolerant…

Seriously. Go find it and partake in its goodness:





5 responses

27 04 2009

But where do you find the Kraft Singles? I agree whole heartidly that nothing quite makes a grilled cheese the same way as the processed chemical cheese from Kraft, but I have never seen it in Norway. I miss the grilled cheese. I especially like them with salsa!

27 04 2009

Hey Tyler!
I actually buy them in Sweden!! They are even the Kraft brand! Do you ever go shopping over the border? there you shall find them!

28 04 2009

ahh… no, i can’t say I have – but I may be tempted to now!

18 07 2009

How does eating a grilled cheese affect your blood sugar readings?

23 10 2009

Hi Elyn. Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been on a blog hiatus!
The grilled cheese was eaten when I was taking insulin, so my blood sugar was fine. I wouldn’t eat it if I weren’t taking insulin and now that I am no longer pregnant, I am off the insulin and really watching my carb intake again!

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