White bean pancakes with maple syrup

23 10 2009

First the brownies, then the savory black bean pancakes, clearly it was only a matter of time until I crossed into more dangerous territory. But cross over I did. As a diabetic one of the things I really miss are pancakes on a weekend morning. I have some low carb baking mix, but I really do try and steer clear of ‘franken foods’ and limit the fake stuff to Splenda and sugar alcohols. I think it’s best to use foods that you recognize with names you can pronounce when at all possible! So all the bean experimenting got me thinking, why not try using white beans to make a pancake batter??

I know, it’s scary, but stick with me here. I promise it all turns out in the end.

Obviously the main thing about using beans is to overcome the beany flavor. With the brownies this is achieved by using the cocoa powder and instant coffee. With the savory pancakes there is no need to eliminate the beaniness because it just works. But for pancakes? The kind you give your kids with syrup?? Well, that just goes without saying that beany flavored pancakes might scar them indefinitely and could come up in therapy later on in life. So with the goal clearly defined, I set about fulfilling my bean pancake dream. I started with a can of white beans, drained them and rinsed the VERY well:

Be sure to rinse them well!

Be sure to rinse them well!

After I rinsed them I put them in a small mixing bowl and added 2 eggs, a full tablespoon of vanilla, a splash of almond extract, a tablespoon of melted butter, 3 tablespoons of Splenda and half a teaspoon of baking powder. Used the old stick blender to make it into a pancake looking batter:

Beans, 2 eggs, 1 tbl vanilla, Tbl melted butter, tsp baking powder, 3Tbl Splenda

Beans, 2 eggs, 1 tbl vanilla, Tbl melted butter, tsp baking powder, 3Tbl Splenda

At this point I was encouraged that it actually did LOOK like pancake batter. So, I heated up the skillet and put about 2 tablespoons of the batter in the middle and waited for it to bubble, which we all know is the international sign of a pancake being ready to flip…obviously:

ready to flip

ready to flip

So, I flipped it and lo and behold, it LOOKED like a pancake:

nice and golden

nice and golden

I proceeded to make 3 more so I could have myself a little short stack and I must admit, my anticipation was growing. I mean, how great would it be if these actually could pass as pancakes??? Finally, the stack was complete and the moment of truth had arrived:

the short stack

the short stack

I put a dollop of butter on top and covered them with my sugar free maple syrup and dug in:

the moment of truth

the moment of truth

Seriously. Good.

I know you must think I make this stuff up, but no, really, these are so good! The maple syrup helped facilitate the whole pancake farce, but these WORK! These work for diabetics. These work for those of you who are gluten free and these work for us who are eating low carb! I think your kids would like them. I think YOU would like them. After I took a bite, I gave some to Christopher and even he liked them!  There were no angels singing the Hallelujah chorus, but it was close.

White bean pancakes with maple syrup:

Shockingly good!

Shockingly good!

Once again, I have been blown away by the humble bean.




8 responses

25 10 2009

They are pretty good! I didn’t have almond extract so I used cinnamon and it worked great.

26 10 2009

I know Paige!! I am so glad you tried them! I was pretty shocked at how ‘normal’ they tasted. And after eating them again, I am pretty sure I will leave the almond extract out next time anyway, so you didn’t miss much! Thanks for stopping by!

10 11 2009

I made these over the weekend and was SHOCKED at how tasty they turned out. I also used cinnamon, not almond extract (and a pinch of nutmeg which I love!) and was happy with the flavor.
Thanks for sharing your recipe. A great alternative to regular carby, gluten laden pancakes. 🙂

5 05 2010
Paul Pause

hey you beautiful diabetic you! I only check in sporadically, but am always interested in your creative kitchen craziness (white bean pancakes!!???) …

… I am a little concerned that I’ve missed something though …. you haven’t said anything that I can find since april 26 ’09 about your pregnancy …? Hope all is well with you and yours!?

thinking of you with best wishes from Midland, Texas ….


21 05 2010
Gaylen DiSanto

I just came across your column on Dlife and your blog… It was so nice to read your columns and know that there are other people out there just like me! I was diagnosed 2 years ago with type 2 at the age of 32, which was a shock because I didn’t have any of the high risk factors. My A1C was 9.2 at diagnosis and thank goodness it is below 6 now. I sometimes feel that I am the only one my age fighting this disease and no one else could possibly understand what it is like…so your columns were refreshing!

And I was so glad to hear about your experience with pregnancy. I am considering it and it was so nice to read about how successful you were managing it. I just wanted to thank you for your columns! You have a new follower now!

2 06 2010

Hi Gaylen!
Thanks so much for stopping by! I haven’t updated in such a long time, but really hope I get back to it soon! So glad you found DLife and really glad that my column speaks to you! It’s good to know that there is someone else like me out there!! If you have questions about the whole being diabetic and pregnant thing, shoot me an email!
All the best!

22 08 2010

It’s awesome to be able to change the expectation of what food is. To be so creative! I’m working on controlling diabetes using food as medicine, along with lifestyle changes, exercise. Here in CA, I found a program at http://www.naturalhealingojai.com that focuses on a plant based diet, teaching how to shop, cook, read labels, etc. It really helped me make the changes I needed to make.

I can totally put these pancakes into my plan; they look so delicious; I wonder if they’ll fool my kids?

Thanks for the recipe.

7 02 2011
Sarah A. Firman

I have been making different bean pancakes since the 40’s, family for centuries. We use some grains flour, barley, wheat, corn, oatmeal and so forth. Flavor with cheeses, sauces, condiments, especially good with chili peppers, etc.

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