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I am a Texan living in Oslo, Norway. I am married to a very tall Viking man. I have a gorgeous daughter who is really cool. I am a woman of many stories, one of which happens to be diabetes. I have Long QT Syndrome and am on my third pacemaker/defibrallator. I lost my sister and my cousin to the disease, and am passionate about raising awareness. I love Norway, but have been horrified by the LACK of good food available, especially Tex-Mex! I spend ALOT of time searching for foods I took for granted back home and what I can’t find, I have learned to make myself. I love finding unique ways to serve up low carb fare without resorting to ‘franken’ foods. I’d like to think that I am a bit experimental. It has been quite the adventure, and judging by my track record, will continue to be so.


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5 01 2010

Hey there~

Just wanted to say HOWDY from Austin, Texas…I randomly found you by googling “healthy fetticini alfredo” and found that recipe you posted…made it last night and my brother, who says, “I could eat fetticini everyday of my life” loved it…living with him and his 15 yr old son AND trying to eat healthy is quite a challenge…anyway, have been reading through your other recipes and posts and am excited to keep trying them. I’m so happy there are people like you that will figure out things like how to make pancakes with beans–cause I’m not one of them…yet 🙂

take care and happy new year!
Blair Smith

2 06 2010

Thanks so much Blair!! Sorry for the late reply, but I’m just lazy that way. So glad you liked the alfredo! It’s my go to recipe! Enjoy Austin! I would kill for some good Tex Mex right about now!

5 05 2010
Paul Pause

ok, ignore my last post … I didn’t think to check the “about you” link first …

so …… congratulations on the beautiful daughter … she must be about a year old by now ….? What’s here name? Have you gone back to work at Big Blue?

Would love to hear what you and Christopher and the dogs and the baby are up to these days!

My very best to all ….


2 06 2010

I owe you an email!!!!! Will write soon!

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